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mfw_v4lsrc discards captured image when queue-size property set to value 3 or below

Question asked by Gautham Kantharaju on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Gautham Kantharaju

Hello, Using below mentioned gstreamer pipeline for image capturing,


gst-launch mfw_v4lsrc device=/dev/video0 queue-size=[2 | 3 |  4] ! fakesink -v


When mfw_v4lsrc queue-size  property is set to value 3 or less, based on timestamp, got to know that the captured image are been discarded. It works fine with queue-size property value set to 4. Find the logs attached



Gstreamer version: 0.10.36

MFW_GST_V4LSRC_PLUGIN  version: 4.0.2




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