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cannot program dac of MK64FN1M0VLL12

Question asked by hung lam on Dec 12, 2015
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I have a problem with the dac of the mk64. first of all, I use a self designed board with the mk64 as the mcu. the mcu is clocked by a external crystal with 24MHz. I use an external voltage reference  I use jtag and the Segger j-link as the programmer. further, I also use the frdm64 evaluation board to test my programs. Of course, the on board sda is used to program the mk64. I use kinetis design studio, ksdk 1.2 and processor expert to write my codes. With the frdm64 all programs I ve written work just fine. however, when I tried to program the dac, it seemed to be unresponsive. no matter which digital value I set for the dac, the analog output stayed zero. there weren't any indications that the debugging process had gone wrong. So far I have tested the I2C and the ftm timer of mk64 on my board, and everything has gone smoothly. To make sure that you don't get wrong, I haven't used the same KDS project for the frdm64 board and my own. Only the settings for the DAC is identical.

Hope, someone has a solution for this problem

thanks in advance


Here is the PE DAC configuration is attached. there isn't much codes that I need to write to start the DAC apart from this command:   DAC_DRV_Output(FSL_DACONV1,2048);