Kevin Sargent

What is clock config on a PA4 when in debug mode?

Discussion created by Kevin Sargent on Dec 13, 2015

Having startup issue: when debug plugged in/running code executes fine.

Freestanding restart just loop restarts like the watchdog isn't being fed.

I've had this issue on other projects, and have a PA in one that runs fine.

Wondering if I'm in an odd clock speed and picking bad range parms for ADC & FTM.


If I can start from the debug clock mode, I should be able to find my way.

Right now it either runs under debug or loop restarts, with no good clue what's wrong.

This is a port-over from a QE that's been fine for 2+years, but the PA is a little different.


Any and all pointers Greatly appreciated, TNX, K.Sargent


Update: I'm configuring the chip wrong.

Reduced code to just port initialization, with a simple blink the LED loop and it runs fine.

At least I know it isn't in the hardware...

Still would like to know what modes/options the debug module enforces. TNX


Found problem, forgot the macro "feed_watchdog" blows up H:X.

P.S. who in hell would write a stock macro that blows up registers??