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How to change the dpl file from 8 SFP support to 4 SFP support  without performance losing?

Question asked by naveennvn on Dec 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by thomasculverhouse

Hi all,

     I'm using LS2085A board. In my default dpl file contains 8 SFP port support , It's taking more time for initializing the 8 ports.


     For my setup only 4 SFP support is enough for that i did some changes in dpl file. According to that changes only 4 SFP is enabled and time consumption also reduced.

     But performance is reducing,  before that i got 5.4 gbps from each SFP port after changes i got only around 3.5 gbps from each port.


     I don't know how to change the dpl file without performance losing.

     If anyone know about these kindly help me on this.


Thanks regards,