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Questions regarding IMX6 Multimedia Framework

Question asked by enriqueencarnacion on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by igorpadykov


  I have the following questions regarding IMX6 capabilities:

  1. In the TRM, what is meant by “60 fps in unit test without multimedia framework”?
  2. What is that multimedia framework referred to? Specs I found were a few years old. Cannot see to find anything newer.

Image 1.png


3. From the TRM we know that the iMX6 is capable of doing 1080p60 (max 240Mpixels/s) especially for 1 cycle/pixel mode. That would be 16bit RG565 which is acceptable for us. That’s a 168Mpixels/s. Can the iMX6 indeed support uncompressed RGB565 video 1080p60 in from MIPI to HDMI output? No codec involved. I am asking since we are struggling to achieve that frame rate. We seem to be blocked around ~50fps…



Image 2.jpg

4. I found this link here doing some research that seem to indicate 1080p60 is doable:

5. I also found this link about using the right Gstreamer plugins to achieve full 60fps


Last time was the big EIM bus inquiry which ended up being a big letdown for us, now we are seeking a plain confirmation that iMX6 can pass through uncompressed 1080p60 from MIPI IN to HDMI out


In advance, thank you for your help.