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USB clock init error

Question asked by mircopizzichini on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by mircopizzichini

Hi everybody


I created my project from the USB composite example for TWRK60, using KSDK 1.3.


On my custom board I have a quartz of 32KHz for the RTC (on the EXTAL32) and no oscillator.

Since external clock from the RTC can only be used as a source for the FLL, the MCG is operating in FEE mode, at 48 MHz for the USB (so I've set DMX32 and DRST_DRS bit of MCG_C4 to 1).


UART and peripherals initialization works fine, I've no problems, but during USB initialization (in particular in usb_dev_soc_init function) I have:


/* USB clock divider */ src = CLOCK_SYS_GetUsbfsSrc(usb_instance); switch(src) {   case kClockUsbfsSrcExt:     ret = USBERR_BAD_STATUS;     break;   case kClockUsbfsSrcPllFllSel:     freq = CLOCK_SYS_GetPllFllClockFreq();     ret = USB_OK;     switch(freq)     {       case 120000000U:         CLOCK_SYS_SetUsbfsDiv(usb_instance, 4, 1);         break;       case 96000000U:         CLOCK_SYS_SetUsbfsDiv(usb_instance, 1, 0);         break;       case 72000000U:         CLOCK_SYS_SetUsbfsDiv(usb_instance, 2, 1);         break;       case 48000000U:         CLOCK_SYS_SetUsbfsDiv(usb_instance, 0, 0);         break;       default:         ret = USBERR_BAD_STATUS;         break;     }   break; }


Variable freq is obtained from the ext clock (32768) multiplied by an FLL factor (1464 as reported in the datasheet), so its value is 32768*1464 = 47972352.

This value could never be identical to 48000000, so it always returns an error!


What can I do? I should replace these macros with the real values?


Thank you in advance.