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CRC in KEA-128

Question asked by VIGNESH BALAJI on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by isaacavila


     I am using CRC module in KEA-128(SKEAZ128) - 48 Mhz.

I am having certain doubts in CRC

1)what is seed value in CRC?

2)what is the difference between seed and data value?

3)Is CRC_GPOLY register used in normal CRC calculation?

4)what is transpose in CRC . Is it like flipping the MSB into LSB?

5) Is CRC_CTRL[WAS] = 1  is the asserted state  and  Is CRC_CTRL[WAS] = 0 is the deasserted state?

6)For normal CRC calculation do i need to set the CRC_GPOLY register? If so why?

7)which CRC algorithm are we using in KEA-128(SKEAZ128) ?

8)How CRC is calculated in KEA-128?

9)what algorithm is used for calculation of CRC in KEA-128?