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Customer discovered several issues with KDS 3.0

Question asked by John Wu on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Alice_Yang

1. The PinSettings PE component affects PWM output with uncertainty.

I set pin PTB5 as PWM output in FTM2. But, I didn’t get PWM output initially. When I
checked the FTM tab in Pin1Settings module, I clicked the channel 5 pin
selection for PTB5, which was already there. I then regenerated PE and I got
PWM output. This didn’t happen to PMW pin only. It happened to GPIO pins as

My question is what’s the functionality of PinSettings generated module? Why do I have to
confirm pin selections when they appear to be selected already?

2. I initialized one ADC channels in ADC0 module. But, PinSettings module shows 5
channels. I have no option to change the pin selections in PinSettings module.


My question is: how PinSettings module affect ADC channel selection?


3. I selected 4 ADC channels from pin PTB0, PTA6, PTA1, and PTA0 in A/D channel
list. And, I created a “Static sample groups” that including samples of the 4
ADC channels. But, I got the channel readings that do not match physical
voltage on these pins.


My question is: how to make the “Static sample groups” working?


4. Casting from an address not 16-bit aligned in physical memory, causes MCU exception.

For example



uint8 b0;  uint8 b1;  uint8 b2;  uint8 b3;  uint8 b4;
uint8 b5;  uint8 b6;  uint8 b7;






  pu16Ptr = (uint16*)zData.b3;   
<<----- this causes MCU exception.


My question is: It is very hard to patch source code to dodge this issue. Is it possible
changed some compiler setting to avoid this issue?


5. . I could not see the peripheral registers in KDS 3.0.0 when I debug software. How can I see them?