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FRDM-K22F programming/debugging with KDS.

Question asked by EgleTeam on Dec 9, 2015
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I'm newbie with Kinetis microcontrollers and KDS. I've designed a simple board with the same K22 processor of the FRDM-K22F: an USB dongle. I'm really puzzled about how to program/debug my external microcontroller using FRDM-K22F + KDS. I've cutted the net of J7 and connect J11 to my board but KDS does not recognize the microcontroller. I also installed the segger software that is mentioned in the quick start guide but still not working. At the end I "bricked" the FRDM-K22F and I had to re-flash the bootloader of the K20 using my J-link Pro connected to J12 + Keil and later install MBED application.


What am I doing wrong? What is the purpose of the J-link application if J11 is SWD instead of Jtag? Can I program/debug the internal K22 and an external K22 using J5 or do I need to use an external Jtag?.


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