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MPC5744P Master code

Question asked by Padmalatha gudipally on Dec 9, 2015

Iam working on MPC5744p Controller. I am trying to implement the SPI Master driver code for same controller, for this i selected DSPI0(SPI0) and implemented SPI in this way as shown in " MPC5744_SPI_master docx." after flasing i connected to CRO to check ransfered data with the pin  MISO but Master is not showing anything from MPC5744P board when i transmitted 'A'.  SO please help me on this. Tell me is there any mistakes in this code and need to modify anything.? Can you please send the code for SPI Master . Tell me if any links are there .  after this iam trying to transfer from MPC5744P(Master ) to AVR(Slave) controller but garbage value is coming on UART.