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Baudrate that UART can support in K10

Question asked by Yanli Cheng on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by Yanli Cheng

I use UART1  or UART2 (K10 chip) for communication, and the UART1 sysclk is 100M(core clock) , the UART2 sysclk is 50M(bus clock) .The communication protocol is modbus. When the baudrate is set to be 1152000 bps, the communication fails. K10 UART can only receive the first several Bytes, the following Bytes are missing.  Then I test other baudrate value, and find that " 115200, 460800, 500000, 576000, 1000000"  UART can work right; while under other higer baudrate, such as 1500000, 2500000, UART can't receive the correct frame.

Thus, I wonder if this issue results from that there is an upperlimit for UART baudrate in K10. If so, what's the upperlimit?