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Kintesis QuadSPI Transmit Buffer does not transmits more 0x10 words to the attached N25Q256A

Question asked by Krishna Rao on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Hui_Ma

I am working on the TWR-POS-K81, with a on board N25q256A, when trying to program the NOR flash, QuadSPI block in the K82F doesn't transmit anything more than 0x10 words

the TBDR register seems to accepts only 0x10 words (64bytes) of data and freezes and loops waiting for QuadSPI_SR:TXFULL is always '1'to clear, The QuapSPI_BSR:TRCTR shows 0x20 and QuadSPI_TBSR:TRBFL - 0x10, the QuadSPI_SR:TXFULL is always '1'.

Trying to clear and check QuadSPI_FR:TBFF as per the document doesn't seem to help.


The LUT instruction programmed is


[16] = 0x08180432,  (0x32 is QUAD INPUT FAST PROGRAM)  I am running Extended-SPI mode

[17] = 0x22FF,



Any insights and help is most welcome