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Linux 4.3 - Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p1

Question asked by angelobalke on Dec 9, 2015

I want to update my custom i.MX6 Board to Linux 4.3, but with the new Kernel the boot process stops at boot and can't load the rootfs from sd-card.

With the old Kernel 4.1.x it works fine with the same environment, only change is the newer Kernel.

U-Boot loads the Kernel from the sd-card, but the Kernel can't load the rootfs.

The mmc-support is enabled.

The sd-card is ext2 and ext2 support is enabled.

Boot message:

U-boot variables:

After I enabled the mmc debugging i get many messages, with whom I don't know what it means mmc debugging -

Have I add some feature in the Kernel to get access to the sd-card or something other?

I activated all supports described in i.MX_6_Linux_Reference_Manual.pdf - 34.2.2 34.2.2 Menu Configuration Options -

Best regards Angelo