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scan time out error

Question asked by suresh bk on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Pavel Chubakov

Dear All,


We are working on custom P2041 Board & we have following queries for the same.


On our custom p2041 board, we have used hard coded RCW (1_1000,16bit NOR flash as boot loc), uboot is programmed in NOR location 0XEFF4000 ( 768 KB file size ). UART1 from processor is used as console display. NOR flash memory map is same as that of 2041RDB.

We are not able to get the display on serial display console UART port 1.

U-boot start location is 0xeff40000.

However control does not go to this location but goes somewhere near at this address - 0xeff40068. And once it reaches this address it gives an error as "Scan Timeout".


Execution Sequence is as follows:

eff40000:   dc.l 0xfff41956

eff40004:   clrlslwi. r13,r9,17,8

eff40008:   xoris r20,r27,0x2032

eff4000c:   addic rsp,r17,13358

eff40010:   addic rsp,r23,20847

eff40014:   andi. r9,r18,0x512d

eff40018:   insrwi. r4,r26,11,12

eff4001c:   rlwinm. r17,r17,5,24,27

eff40020:   frsqrte. fp31,fp6

eff40024:   addi r11,r2,13921

eff40028:   addic r17,r0,10308

eff4002c:   oris r3,r11,0x2030

eff40030:   addic. r25,r0,12848

eff40034:   addic r9,r21,8237

eff40038:   subfic rsp,r17,13626

eff4003c:   addic rsp,r18,14898

eff40040:   fcmpu cr7,fp20,fp0

eff40044:   dc.l 0x00000000

eff40048:   dc.l 0x00000000

eff4004c:   dc.l 0x00000000

eff40050:   lis r3,-48

eff40054:   ori r3,r3,0x3f30

eff40058:   li r0,0

eff4005c:   stw r0,0(r3)

eff40060:   stw r0,4(r3)

eff40064:   mr rsp,r3

eff40068:   bl 0xEFF4006C (0xeff4006c) ; 0xEFF4006C

eff4006c:   mflr r12


What is the reason for the "Scan Timeout" error at 0xeff40068 location?

Also, we need to know how to write to LBCR register from u-boot configuration.

Because of this we are not getting the u-boot sequence succedded.