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Can I use the LCD_DATA Pins as Inputs for Cortex-M4 on SoloX ?

Question asked by Nicolas Dammin on Dec 8, 2015
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I am new to the I.MX6 processors. For my Masters Thesis, I need a system that is able to receive parallel 8-Bit data at around 40 MHz. I also need an application processor running Linux to process the received data.


I found the I.MX6 SoloX that has an Cortex-M9 and M4 on one chip.


I would like to know if I can access all Peripherals and GPIOs of the I.MX6 directly with the Cortex-M4 core and if it is possible to capture data with the Cortex-M4 with 40 MHz and then send it to the A9 via Messaging Unit? Or is there a way I can use the DDR memory and DMA to share the received data between M4 and A9 ?


I want to use the SABRE Board for this. The only GPIOs I could use on that are the LVDS or the LCD data connectors. Can I modify Linux and the Cortex-M4 firmware in a way that the LCD_Data lines can be used as regular GPIO Inputs and can I use them with the Cortex-M4 ?