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I'm having difficulties deploying to a DEMO9S12XEP100

Question asked by Brian Pickering on Dec 8, 2015
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Please forgive my ignorance, I'm trying to make repairs to a system developed by a friend, now unfortunately deceased.


He developed a system of DEMO9S12XEP100 boards, plus custom wire-wrap boards, all connected by CAN-BUS, for our model railroad club. One of the DEMO boards failed (most-obvious symptom: very hot power regulator, but desoldering and replacing it only resulted in another very hot power regulator, suggesting more damage than I can repair physically), and I'm attempting to deploy his code to one of the few spares we've got.


I've got CodeWarrior 5.1 Special Edition, installed on Windows 10 Home (x86) running in Oracle VirtualBox (a previous question revealed there are no x64 drivers extent, and I don't have any machines to install a x86 physical machine.) During CodeWarrior installation, all the drivers appeared to install successfully.


When I start up VirtualBox, I choose to attach the "SofTec Microsystems uDART In-Circuit Debugger", which then shows up in Device Manager as recognized and working. This seems to confirm that the drivers installed properly.


I load the project, which has two Linker Maps: P& and


When I attempt to Debug the project, the True-Time Simulator & Real-Time Debugger opens up, but I get a dialog box:AVE


HI-WAVE: Communication error. Make sure that the USB cable is connected to the instrument and retry.


The board has USB for the Power Selector jumper, and both BOM ENA jumpers (Reset & BKGD) connected.


Any suggestions how I can go about deploying this project? Even hints? I've got significant experience in C#, and have spent a fair amount of time programming Arduinos and Netduinos, but this one has me stumped.


Brian Pickering