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PCIe wifi card(iwl4965) not working on IMX6q sabre-sd board.

Question asked by Hanseung Lee on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Hanseung Lee

I use LTIB system. not YOCTO.


In my case, to do below.

1. ltib$./ltib -m config

     - check Always rebuild the kernel

     - check Configure the kernel

     save and exit

2.  ltib$./ltib

     .config - Linux kernel Configuration

     -  System Type enter

          - Freescale MXC Implementations enter

               - chkeck PCI Express support

     - Bus support enter

          - check Message Signaled Interrupts(MSI and MSI- X)

          - check PCI Express support

     - Networking support enter

          - wireless enter

               - check Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack(mac80211)

     - Device Drivers

          - check Network device support

               - Wireless LAN enter

                    - check iwl 4965

save end exit


I try change tar rootfs.bz2 on the linux and then copy to sabre-sd board for insert wifi card(iwl4965.ko) driver. But it also not working.


That is  all when I ready for PCIe wifi card install. But I could not success install driver(can not run on imx6q -sabresd board)



If you have a solution, please tell me.