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State of Wayland support in Vivante

Question asked by Thomas McGuire on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Prabhu Sundararaj

I'd like to voice my displeasure about the support for Wayland in the Vivante drivers.


There are severe issues with basic operations like showing, hiding and resizing windows that makes the Wayland support unusable, and requires us to spent countless engineering hours for workarounds.

To highlight the most important ones:


Unfortunately I could not find a public bug tracker on the Vivante site to properly report these issues. That's why I reported two of the issues on the Yocto bug tracker, which I told a Freescale employee on IRC, but nothing came from that. Others use this forum as a bug tracker, which is also less than ideal.


iMX boards are used in embedded devices with a long expected lifetime. In that space, you can't run the latest and greatest system, putting e.g. a brand new Yocto release on there is generally not possible. Thus I was very disappointed to read that older versions are not supported and there will be no patches/backports  forthcoming (Wayland GPU memory leak when opening and closing windows ). One customer tried escalating the problems through their HW vendor, and got the same answer.


We've had two customer projects using Qt + Wayland + Vivante, and I have to say they have been a big pain because of these issues.With the current state of support, we're forced to advise our customer to stay away from iMX boards when using Wayland.

Please do improve the situation - provide a public bugtracker that the actual driver engineers will read, and fix and backport the most severe issues reported there.