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Does ther have limited volume with external storage ?

Question asked by Rudolph Hsueh on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by CarlosCasillas

Hi all,

     I have a imx6  quad-core and android 4.4 to develop.


     And I found a issue in format different volume external storage(mSATA/HDD 2.5")。


     Formatting a 32GB SSD(mSATA) and a 80GB(HDD 2.5") is function work via Settings/Storage/Erase.

     But more than 100GB, it always show me a damaged storage information to me.


     It's very confused to me. Because I took the damaged storage in Windows, it also can read/write data.


     So I took the damaged storage in imx6 again after I format in NTFS via Windows. It can access again.


     I assume there is any timeout mechanism in vold daemon. But it seems not.


     Does anyone have the same issue? May I have your idea to figure out it. Thank you.