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ECSPI2_SS1 not working properly

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Dec 6, 2015
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We are working on a IMX6 board where we have attached a sensor through SPI to ECSPI2. the chip select ECSPI2_SS1 we have choosen as EIM_LBA as per the reference manual.


This EIM_LBA corresponds to GPIO2_IO27 (GPIO59 ((2-1)*32+27)).  From our application we are making this GPIO59 to high and low but it is not happening.


Where as we have cross checked it with another SPI (ECSPI1 with SS0) where ECSPI1_SS0 is taken as EIM_EB2 whose respective GPIO is GPIO2_IO30


which is GPIO62. When we are making GPIO62 high and low and probing at ECSPI1_SS0 we are getting the signal high and low as well.


What is problem with ECSPI2_SS1 (same is the problem with ECSPI2_SS0 also). what mistake we are doing