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cannot put the target into STOP mode

Question asked by min xu on Dec 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by Yiping Wang

I'm trying to get JTAG connection to the processor mpc8280 with USB TAP.

1)   I choose debug mode in codewarrior, but it always gives the message "mpc603eicannot put the target into STOP mode". While in this case, after giving power supply before debugging , the current of the circuit board is unstable, it'll rise to a certain value and fall down to a stable value.


2)   Yesterday a new problem arose. That is, the current gets stable, but the message changed into “writereg error:writereg MBAR 0xf0000000 failed”. And if I debug again without removing the power supply, the program will stop at "__flush_cache" before entering the main function.


3)   Sometimes the error will be "no connection to the target or unrecognized processor".


Can you give me some guidance in interpreting these errors ?


Thanks and Regards,

min Xu