Jan Rychter

MMA8653FC stencil openings — datasheet error?

Discussion created by Jan Rychter on Dec 6, 2015

I think there might be an error in the MMA8653FC datasheet. It says:


"Stencil opening = PCB land pad – 0.05 mm smaller all around = 0.55 mm x 0.175 mm"


The pads are 0.600mm x 0.225mm, so 0.05mm smaller all round would give 0.600-2*0.05 = 0.500mm by 0.225-2*0.05=0.125mm, which seems too small. The suggested 0.55mm x 0.175mm dimensions correspond to "0.025mm smaller all around" and seem much more realistic.


I think the datasheet should say "0.025mm smaller all around" to avoid confusion — I used that number as stencil opening offset and got openings which were too small.