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IMX6q hibernation resume problem

Question asked by park hyeong geun on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by John Smith

I had apply this patch :


I had found a solution to this problem:

in file arch/arm/kernel/hibernate.c

You need to change in this mode:

/* Used in hibernate_asm.S */

#define USER_CONTEXT_SIZE (15 * sizeof(u32))

unsigned long saved_spsr_svc;

unsigned long saved_context_r14_svc;

unsigned long saved_context_r13_svc;

unsigned long saved_cpsr;

unsigned long saved_context_r0[USER_CONTEXT_SIZE];


static struct saved_context saved_context;


/* References to section boundaries */

extern const void __nosave_begin, __nosave_end;


the sequence is VERY IMPORTAN because in assemble file ( arch/arm/kernel/hibernate_asm.S)

load the R13 and R14 register in sequence.


        * Restore_pblist is the starting point for loaded pages
       ldr     r0, .Lrestore_pblist
       ldr     r6, [r0]

       ldr     r4, [r6]     /* src IOW present address */
       ldr     r5, [r6, #4] /* dst IOW original address*/
       mov     r9, #1024    /* No. of entries in one page, where each entry is bytes */

        * This loop could be optimized by using stm and ldm.
       ldr     r8, [r4], #4
       str     r8, [r5], #4
       subs    r9, r9, #1
       bne     .Lcopy_one_page

       /* The last field of struct pbe is a pointer to the next pbe structure */
       ldr     r6, [r6, #8]
       cmp     r6, #0
       bne     .Lcopy_loop

        * Restore SVC context
       ldr     r3, .Lsaved_context_r13_svc
       ldmia   r3, {r13-r14}
       ldr     r3, .Lsaved_spsr_svc
       ldr     r1, [r3]
       msr     spsr_cxsf, r1

       mrs     r0, cpsr        /* Save current mode into r0 */

        * Change to system(user) mode
       mov     r1, r0
       orr     r1, r1, #0x1f
       msr     cpsr_c, r1

        * Restore User context
       ldr     r3, .Lsaved_context_r0
       ldmia   r3, {r0-r14}
       ldr     r3, .Lsaved_cpsr
       ldr     r1, [r3]
       msr     cpsr_cxsf, r1

       msr     cpsr_c, r0      /* Restore original mode from r0 */

        * Flush TLB (Invalidate unified TLB unlocked entries)
       mov     r1, #0
       mcr     p15, 0, r1, c8, c7, 0

       /* Set the return value */
       mov     r0, #0

       /* Restore return address */
       ldr     r3, .Lsaved_context_r14_svc
       ldr     lr, [r3]
       mov     pc, lr



after about 40000 pages copy loop the function stop.


str     r8, [r5], #4

virtual of r5 stop adress is about 0xcb080000 ~.


Have you idea for solution?