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Kinetis K82P121M150SF5RM based TWR-POS-K81, QuadSPI skips a bit while reading from N25Q256A

Question asked by Krishna Rao on Dec 4, 2015
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I am working on Kinetis K82P121M150SF5RM based TWR-POS-K81 board with N25Q256A, while reading the status/ReadID/Configuration register in extended SPI mode, the K82 QuadSPI module seems to skip a bit

for example


while reading ReadID from N25Q256A the expected bytes are 20 BA 19 10 ...

but the actual bytes I am receiving are 10 5D 08 (it is off by a bit)

Is there anything I am missing?


The TWR-POS-K81 seems to be very flaky. sometimes the data seems to be receiving from the N25Q256A allright and the very next iteration, I see all junk coming for the same command like ReadID or read Status Register.


Any thoughts or insights on this will be great help