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How to boot wince7.0 from nandflash on imx6q

Question asked by leo yanfeng on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by leo yanfeng

Hello everybody:

     I want to boot wince7.0 from nandflash on my imx6 board.Now,my board can boot from SD,and then write fcb,dbbt and eboot.nb0 to nandflash.But when switching to boot from nandflash,the board can't boot.The waveforms of date0 and data7 are absolutely same.When boot from SD,read\write\formt nandflash operations are ok.The flash is K9F2G08U0C.SLC(2048+64).Anybody can help me.Thank you.

     PS:some questions about fcb:

     1.when writing fcb,ecc need to be enable or not?

     2.In imx28 refence manual,there is 12 bytes offset before fcb.The offset is needed in imx6?And Is the offset including meta data?

     Sorry for my poor english.