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Change accelerometer range settings of FXLC95000

Question asked by Vitaliy Siplichuk on Dec 3, 2015
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I'm using FXLC95000 and several sensors with ISF1 (CodeWarrior) and customised example project AccelMag_Project. Everything works perfect. In my source I make setup of settings for accelerometer:


isf_status_t app_fxlc95000_int(void)


  isf_status_t status;

  gFxcl95000AccelProxy.regConfig.ctrl.reg = 0;

  gFxcl95000AccelProxy.regConfig.settings.nSettingsToUse = SM_GIVEN_SETTINGS;

  gFxcl95000AccelProxy.regConfig.settings.nFifoDepth = 1;

  gFxcl95000AccelProxy.regConfig.settings.nCurrentReportRate = 10000;

  gFxcl95000AccelProxy.regConfig.settings.nCurrentResolution = AFE_ACCEL_RESOLUTION_16_BIT;

  gFxcl95000AccelProxy.regConfig.settings.nRange = AFE_ACCEL_G_RANGE_8G;


  status = (isf_status_t)_lwsem_create(&gFxcl95000AccelProxy.lock, 1);

  return status;



And it works! But now I have issue to change some settings from my MCU host during my device is working. For example I want to set nRange = AFE_ACCEL_G_RANGE_2G.

I send command to FXLC95000:


0x02 (APP_ID_FXLC95000_ACCEL)  0x02 (CI_CMD_WRITE_CONFIG)  0x08 (FXLC95000_ACCEL_APP_RANGE)  0x01 (count of bytes)  0x40 (AFE_ACCEL_G_RANGE_2G)

Than I get answer

0x02 0x80
As I understand It meens that everything is OK!
Then I try to read settings with command:


0x02 (APP_ID_FXLC95000_ACCEL)  0x01 (CI_CMD_READ_CONFIG)  0x00 (offset)  0x0A (count of bytes)

and I get answer:

0x02 0x80 0x0A 0x0A 0x03 0x02 0x01 0x00 0x00 0x27 0x10 0x00 0x40 0x00

As I understand there are my new settings inside FXLC95000.
But then I read data from accelerometer I still get data with range AFE_ACCEL_G_RANGE_8G!!!!! So new settings of nRange doesn't have effect!!!

My question is:
How to change any settings during sensor is working and get effect immediately? Maybe I should send some special command to work with new settings?