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Error Changing from FEI to FBI with KSDK on FRDM-KL25Z

Question asked by ives on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Alice_Yang



I have a FRDM-KL25Z and I'm trying to change the power mode from FEI to FBI. I want to run on FBI mode with a internal frequency of 4 MHz. I've used the following code to do the job:


CLOCK_HAL_SetOutDiv1(SIM, 0);
CLOCK_HAL_SetOutDiv4(SIM, 4);
mcg_mode_error_t mcgModeError = CLOCK_HAL_SetFbiMode(MCG, kMcgDcoRangeSelLow, kMcgIrcFast, 1, NULL);


The problem is that the firmware stops running during the CLOCK_HAL_SetFbiMode function. I've added a breakpoint inside this function and I saw that the problem is in the following line:


    MCG_WR_C1(base, (MCG_RD_C1(base) & ~(MCG_C1_CLKS_MASK | MCG_C1_IREFS_MASK))

                  | (MCG_C1_CLKS(kMcgClkOutSrcInternal)  /* CLKS = 1 */

                  | MCG_C1_IREFS(kMcgFllSrcInternal))); /* IREFS = 1 */


I realized that if I change the CLOCK_HAL_SetFbiMode function, to force it to write on MCG_C1 register after writing on MCG_C2 register, the firmware works!


Do you think there is a problem in CLOCK_HAL_SetFbiMode function?