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MPC5777M errata e048

Question asked by Chuong Vo on Dec 3, 2015

Hi All,


I am using LVDS pair pins on MPC5777M. I found things relating as following in the IO definition spreadsheet attached to MPC577M reference manual Rev4 downloaded from Freescale website.


"To select the LVDS interface, select the function with the SSS field in the MSCR of the positive terminal,

and the appropriate LVDS option in the ODC (output) or ILS (input) fields in the MSCR of both terminals.

Note that these bits have no effect on cut1 of the device (see errata e048)."


Currently, the configuration for these pair pins do not work properly.

So I would like to ask for errata e048 in case It could help to verify the issue.