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Having trouble with TPM interrupt in output compare mode on FRDM-KL03Z with KSDK

Question asked by ken.sloat on Dec 2, 2015
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On the FRDM-KL03Z I'm having trouble with the TPM interrupt. I have used processor expert to configure TPM0 to run at 125 KHz in Output Compare Mode (with no pin output) with a Match Value of 125 (in order to generate a 1 ms interrupt). I have setup my PE options as follows:






With the following basic code to verify since the interrupt wasn't firing:


  uint32_t foo = 0, foo2 = 0;

  TPM_DRV_CounterStart(general_timer_IDX, kTpmCountingUp, 65535U,false);



      foo2 = TPM_DRV_CounterRead(general_timer_IDX);

      if(foo2 >= 125)


          foo = 0;




Interrupt function is in another file like this:


PE_ISR(general_timer_IRQHandler) {





I am finding that the interrupt is not firing, but the timer is running properly ( I can see the value increment and I did some timing experiments with if statement). When I check the different TPM status registers after it is equal to or has passed 125 (match value) I see the following:




Which means a couple of things, according to the datasheet, with TPM0_STATUS I should see a bit set when a channel event occurs, and obviously you see there is none. Also, I would think that TPM0_C0SC should have the MS & ELS bits set (4:2) and none are set, which would mean that according to the datasheet it would appear to be in "Channel Disabled" and not "Software Compare" like I think it should be:



The following routines are being called (which they should be since the checkbox is checked to intialize the timer):


void Components_Init(void)



  /*! LED_GPIO_CONTROL Auto initialization start */


  /*! LED_GPIO_CONTROL Auto initialization end */


  /*! OTHER_GPIO_CONTROL Auto initialization start */


  /*! OTHER_GPIO_CONTROL Auto initialization end */


  /*! general_timer Auto initialization start */

  NVIC_SetPriority(TPM0_IRQn, 0U);

  TPM_DRV_Init(general_timer_IDX, &timer);

  TPM_DRV_SetClock(general_timer_IDX, kTpmClockSourceModuleClk, kTpmDividedBy32);

  TPM_DRV_OutputCompareEnable(general_timer_IDX, 0U, kTpmOutputNone, 125, 65535U, true);

  /*! general_timer Auto initialization end */


I my example code I also start the timer manually since this isn't done by the OutputCompareEnable function.



Anways, not sure what is going on here, what am I missing?