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ddr3 initialization

Question asked by Saida S on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hi I.MX6  community

i am facing  following problems

1. The PMIC is giving more problems , many of IC's in a lot are not working properly some of them giving 0.8 volts output only.

2. i am debugging with arm ds5, suppose in u-boot case, when i am trying to run a u-boot bin file from DDR3 it is hanging randomly.(output on hyper terminal)

    in my board i am using mt41k256x16 ddr chip(2GB), i have sabresd board (1GB ram) ddr3 script file which is uing for my board.

    is this script works for my board ? if not can any one send the script file for mt41k256x16ha ddr3 chip which is used in sabre ai board.

    i am suspecting ddr init is the problem because one standalone uart application running from iram is working perfectly, when from ddr its not .

3.on sabresd board i want to run httpd server application which i found from sdk.its not working

  i connected the board directly to pc using rj45 cable.  than i made changes to source file http_main.c

     a)  ip address changed to (my pc ip is

     b)  i disabled obtaining of ip using dhcp and auto.

     C) i selected static ip routine

finally compiled and booting from sd card (i went through readme file)

than for testing i am browsing from mozilla firefox web browser with but its not working

is any wrong in my procedure or code ?


plz any one can help  to up my board

thanks and regards