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CodeWarrior Flash Programmer can't download program correctly

Question asked by Yubing Jin on Dec 2, 2015
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I met a problem when downloading program to S29WS064R flash IC using flash programmer in CodeWarrior,

following is the detail, please help, Thanks!


Board configuration:

CPU: MCF5208

FLASH IC: S29WS064RABBH00  4M*16bit*1


Development IDE: CodeWarrior V10.5

Development Tool: P&E MultiLink Universal


Error Observation:


First build firmware with FLASH_DEBUG_PEBDM configuration,elf file can be built successfully.

After starting debug session in CodeWarrior, flash programmer will download program into flash.

In Flash programmer task, S29WS064J 4M*16*1 is selected as Device,base address is 0x00000000.


Sometimes the program can be downloaded and executed successfully.

Sometimes the program can't be downloaded, 2 types of error:

1.Hang at Erase, always display "Erase ...."

2.Hang at Program, always display "Program ..."


After the error happen, the flash IC can't recover, same error will always happen when downloading program. Need change to use a new IC.


Not sure if this is caused by the flash algorithm not compatible between S29WS064J and S29WS064R.

Any way to resolve this?