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Sabre lite kernel issue(s)

Question asked by Dubravko Moravski on Dec 2, 2015
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We've bought a Sabre Lite reference board from Element 14, containing an i.MX6 quad CPU. The board powers up and works correctly with preinstalled files. I've downloaded their recommended source files for u-boot, kernel and file system; compiled them according to instructions and flashed the board. u-boot works, but kernel doesn't show any signs of life.


I've tried changing serial console port, enabling early printks, printascii, attaching a terminal to both serial ports, attaching a monitor to hdmi output. It seems that after u-boot prints out "Starting kernel..." nothing at all happens.


u-boot version is 2009.08; kernel version is 3.14.28.


Any hints what else I could try?


I've found address of __log_buf where supposedly some printk outputs might be found in, but it's a virtual address - how can I find out what is the corresponding physical address to I could check out the contents from boot?


Thanks in advance for all comments and suggestions.


I wrote a similar post on element 14's forum, but got no replies so far.