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Apply External input source in ADC for TWRK60D100M

Question asked by Garima Parashar on Dec 2, 2015
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I am working with TWRK60D100M.


In my project I want to apply external 12 ADC inputs. Currently I applied one external ADC input at J5 by Bi-passing Potentiometer.

Results are below.,


V_bat = 3.3v

Vin = 2.5v, Digital Output = 7067.

Vin = 0v , Digital Output = 32767

Vin = 3.3v,  Digital Output = 0


So from above result we make self Equation for Digital Output = (32767 - ((Vin * 32767)/V_bat)); is it ok..??


One more thing,


Now I want to apply another external ADC input but not find pin to apply input?


I read TWRK60D100M UserManuall in which  pin(A28) is configured as (  PGA0_DM/ADC0_DM0/ADC1_DM3 ) but I am not finding defination of ADC0_DM0 in my adc_mk60.h file?


So for ADC0_DM0 which sources (ex., ADC1_SOURCE_AD3, ADC1_SOURCE_AD0 , ADC1_SOURCE_ADPM0 etc)  I need to use?


Will anybody please elaborate what ADC input sources are indicated by ADC0_DM0, ADC1_DM3, ADC1_DP0, ADC0_DP3 pins in TWRK60D100M User Manual..



Garima Parashar