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MPC5645S access to internal flash for graphics

Question asked by Miquel Soler Mir on Dec 2, 2015
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I'm Working with MPC5645S demo board with TFT application and code warrior IDE 5.9


I have the DCU3 configured and running with a TFT of 800x480.

Following the document (AN4444) called Configuring and using the DCU3 and DCULite on the MPC5645S MCU.

The document explain that if the graphics are stored in internal flash memory, the access setting must be modified from the reset conditions by cleaning the flash PFSACC register to 0x00000000.

In reference manual of MPC5645S (pages 837-838) explain this about the modification of PFSACC register:

" This field is initialized by hardware reset to the value contained in address 0x3E08 of the shadow block of the flash array. An erased or unprogrammed flash sets this field to 0xFFFF_FFFF.


Unfortunately I don't know how to access to this shadow block to set the address 0x3E08 register to 0x00000000.


Can somebody help me with this problem to solved it.




Miquel Soler i Mir