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Booting a P2020 from an SD Card - Missing Files

Question asked by Mike Green on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by lunminliang

I am currently trying to follow the Freescale guide for booting from an SD card here


However, I am mostly struggling to locate all of the prerequisite files at this time:

  • RAM-based U-Boot image (u-boot.bin)
  • Kernel image (uImage)
  • Flat device tree file (mpc8536ds.dtb)
  • Root file system (rootfs.ext2.gz.uboot)


If I were to be in possession of all these files, I am fairly confident I can run through the instructions with ease, it is just a case of finding these files in the first place which appears to be the trouble.


Could anybody tell me where I can get each of the above please?


Thank you,