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Altium PCB files for i.MX6UltraLite Evaluation Kit

Question asked by Durmuş Kurtuluş on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by EgleTeam

Hi all,


This topic Altium Files for i.MX6ULtraLite Evaluation Kit has the schematic files for Altium and directs to design files i.MX6ULtraLite Evaluation Kit|Freescale from where we can get Allegro .brd file for PCB layout.


When I convert ".brd" file in Altium, everything seems to be out of bound in Altium PCB editor. However, for the previous design files (for instance LAY-27392_C.brd in SABRE for Smart Devices Reference Design|Freescale ) I did not have this problem. Maybe related to ".brd" file version?


Can someone please upload i.MX6UltraLite Evaluation Kit .brd files in previous versions of Allegro (16.2)? Or maybe .alg files that are compatible with the curent .brd files?