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step by step in depth U-Boot bring-up for custom imx6s Board

Question asked by Ganesh Biradar on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by Ganesh Biradar

Hi Guys,


            I have a imx6s custom board. i Got the task to add customized uboot support with LPDDR2. i have already followed imx6 BSP development pdf. but coming to ddr configuration i have issues. What i'm looking for is the in depth modification of uboot because i have git clone uboot_2014.01 from git repository with respect to imx6 board. this uboot doesn't have imx6s support. so i have referred imx6 duallite. if some one has done for imx6s can you share me some information.


1-> What are the basic peripheral information needed?

     like UART support, SD card support,LPDDR2 DCD fillup?

2-> step by step what are the changes to be made in uboot ?


i have used imx6dqsdl script to generate ddr register values but their also i have issue. i'm using micron MT42L128M32D1LF. Please check once micron pdf with respect to below value is it correct or not.



Device Information
Memory part number:MT42L128M32D1LF-18
Memory type:LPDDR2-800
DRAM single die density (Gb)4
DRAM density per Channel (Gb)4
DRAM Bus Width32
Number of Chip Selects used per Channel1
DRAM density per CS (Gb)4
DRAM Bus Width Per Channel32
Number of Banks8
Number of ROW Addresses14
Number of COLUMN Addresses10
System Information
i.Mx Parti.Mx6S
MMDC channels:MMDC0
Bus Width32
DRAM Clock Freq (MHz)400
DRAM Clock Cycle Time (ns)2.5
4KB Interleaving ModeNon-Interleave
SI Configuration
DRAM DSE Setting - DQ/DQM (ohm)40
DRAM DSE Setting - ADDR/CMD/CTL (ohm)40
DRAM DSE Setting - CK (ohm)40
DRAM DSE Setting - DQS (ohm)40


one more thing so far i have not lpddr2 stress test in uboot for calibration. because i uboot shell is not prompting so i thought it's better to take step by step fully understand where and what i'm missing.