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Configuring QuadSPI in K82F to QuadMode with N25Q_256m flash - I read all 0xCCCC

Question asked by Krishna Rao on Nov 30, 2015

We have TWR-POS-K81, I have been trying to configure the N25Q_256 to quad mode, the enhanced volatile register does indicate that the flash has entered into quad mode ( the register reads as 0x11), I have been trying to read using different commands (0xEB/0x6B/0x0B) but the returned data always seems to be 0xCCCC only ( after the flash erase) , the SCLKCFG, I tried programming with divide with PLL (120MHZ) with 2/3/4, but there doesn't seem to be any difference.

Any hints/clues will be greatly appreciated.