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Error log during 3.14.28 kernel boot up on imx6 solo

Question asked by Chaitanya Dhere on Nov 30, 2015


          My kernel version is 3.14.28 linux-imx and board is custom board based on imx6 solo. We are getting the following error log during boot up:


mxc_sdc_fb fb.18: timeout when waiting for flip irq


I'm unable to view anything on my LVDS screen.

When we keep "quiet" as command line argument then the we observe the the above error log around close to 2 seconds. But if this argument is not present, all the logs are printed and the above error log is observed around 2.5 seconds. In this second case, we are able to see my UI on the screen.


What can be the issue ? Is the issue related to the above error OR is it related to timing issues since ? In both the cases we see the above error.