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Failing to return from interrupt (newbi question) - MC9S08QE128

Discussion created by Henrik Karlsson on Feb 6, 2008
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Hi Folks,

Im new to the arcitecure and Ide (CodeWarrior) and find this very confusing... I have a timer interrupt that should fire every 1ms. When I set a break point in TPM_ISR, I get there but when Im about to return from the ISR (at the RTI instruction) I get the error message "Error: At location 0299 -
Error: Attempt to use invalid or uninitialized memory". Has anyone a clue about the problem here? Where could the problem be?

The ISR (probably not the problem):
void interrupt VectorNumber_Vtpm3ch3 TPM_ISR(void)

  TPM3C3SC_CH3F;      // Clears timer flag
  TPM3C3SC_CH3F = 0;

By the way, Im not running on the Full Chip simulation, not real hardware.

Best regards

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