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Error measuring IR length During JTAG Diagnostics Test...

Question asked by Karunakaran Radhakrishnan on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Karunakaran Radhakrishnan

We are using T2080 based processor board, when try to connect the code warrior in one of our processor board it shows the below error.

jtag failed.bmp

but we have two other same design processor boards which was connected properly without any error.


I enabled the JTAG Diagnostics test before connecting the code warrior in the problem board, it shows the below error

IR_measure failed.bmp

JTAG connection section design as same as T2080RDB. This problem was not facing when code warrior was bring up in other two processor board.


Note: Code warrior 10.4 SP1 using for connecting the target processor board.


I could not find the reason for this "Error measuring IR length..." issue.


Kindly suggest us, what are all possible condition for this JTAG Diagnostic Test failed which will help us to debug?