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sent to 32 bit spi transfer problem

Question asked by osman UZUN on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by jeremyzhou

Hi Dear,



I want to send PUSHR 32 bit data Field  for SPI  ,



I use to Continuous selection,



step by step




SPI1->PUSHR.B.EOQ=1;//The spi data is the last data transfer


SPI1->PUSHR.B.CONT=1;//KeepPCSN signas asserted beetween transfer  SPI1->MCR.B.CONT_SCKE=1;//continuous sck enable







SPI1->MCR.B.HALT=1;//stop transfer


SPI1->SR.B.EOQF=1;//E0q is set in the executing SPI command


SPI1->MCR.B.FRZ=1;//modified SPI transfer format enable



SPI1->PUSHR.B.TXDATA=0b0101010101010101;//send to data 1


SPI1->PUSHR.B.TXDATA=0b0101010101010101;//send to data 2



//I want to send TXDATA="data1data2 " //totaly 32 bit data;



SPI1->MCR.B.HALT=0;//start transfer


while( SPI1->SR.B.TCF == 0 );


//SPI1->SR.B.EOQF=0;//E0q is set in the executing SPI command


  //SPI1->MCR.B.FRZ=0;//modified SPI transfer format enable





SPI1->MCR.B.CONT_SCKE=0;//continuous sck enabl


How is the problem? Can you fixed problem please.Have a  nice workning day.



Best Regards,


Mcu model:K30X256VLK7


Osman UZUN


Kontrol System Engineer