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IMX6 overrun on UART (RS)

Question asked by sylvain LE HENAFF on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by sylvain LE HENAFF

Good evening community,


I am currently having some issue with a SMARC from Kontron used with a kernel 3.10.17. The smarc is based on a IMX6Q working at 1GHz.

I am using an RS422 on an UART to exchange some data between the IMX6 and another board. When  the UART is only used, everything is fine but when I am using the ethernet link at the same time I start to observe some overrun at the IMX_uart driver level. These overrrun corrupting the data exchanged, my application ends in a nice crash.

I  tryied to change the speed on the UART with no real success. I have seen that some problem have been identified when using DMA but this not my case.

I have found a way to reduce the amount of overrrun by changing affinity of the IRQ associated to the uart but this is not a real answer to the problem.

I don't understand these overrun, the amount of data is quite low.....


Does anybody have observed such overrun ? any solution ?


NB) I cannot changed my kernel due to SMARC specificies (Kontron did not yet upgrade their BSP for it)