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Generating code for K10 2N30D?

Question asked by d_m_d on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by d_m_d

Is there an option to generate code in KDS3.0.0 for PK10N512VLL100 2N30D (Revision 1.2)?

Selection of MK10DN512VLL10 100LQFP (which is the closest match) is generating code accessing registers (like RCM) only supported in Revision 2.

If not directly supported, is there any recommended workaround?



- Disabled Internal Peripherals/Reset Control suppresses the unwanted RCM register accesses

- Removed Watchdog

- Commented out MCG_C7 access

This allows user code to be reached, but hand editing seems to be unavoidable as other clocking modes and peripherals are added (according to AN4445 including RTC/TSI ...)