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Android multimedia extended package on Lollipop

Question asked by Gurtaj Singh on Nov 28, 2015
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This is a follow up question on Android Lollipop MediaCodec not decoding raw H264 stream 1080P at 60 FPS


I am trying to understand the Multimedia Decoding differences between Android JB 4.2.2_1.0.0-ga & Android Lollipop 5.0.0_1.0.0-ga.

It looks like omxgm player fsl-propriety code has been removed from the Release Source code.


There are similar changes on the framework libstagefright code which removes the omx library used in JB version.


android-imx6-kitkat/0025-ENGR00133115-remove-omx-lib-from-prebuilt.patch at master · rabeeh/android-imx6-kitkat · GitHub



Before getting to try for Multimedia Extended package, I have few questions.


1. If we use android_L5.0.0_1.0.0-ga_omxplayer_source.tar.gz with  our build images. Will this make any difference in the way MediaCodec API's are used to decode h264 stream(1080p)

2. Since in JB version, this was enable by default and we have source code for external/fsl-imx-omx  and video decoding works fine in JB Verison. Is this the reason that we are not able to achieve  h264 stream(1080p @ 60 fps) decoding.

3. We need to finalize our BSP version making sure all our requirements are met. If we cannot achieve this in Lollipop, then we need to go with JeallyBean


Richard Liu  Xianzhong Li

Can you guys help me on understanding this.