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iMx6 Saber Lite device fails for 1Gbps througput fails

Question asked by Jayakumar Narayanan on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by igorpadykov



I have a iMx6 Evaluation Kit  with which 1Gbps throughput is failing, complete details are as follows.


Evaluation Kit : iMx6 Quad - Boundary devices Saber Lite rev-2


OS                 : WinCE7


Tools used     : NetIo Network throughput Analyzer.


Configuration :


                         - Phy speed is set to 1Gbps


                         - Full duplex


                         - RGMII Interface


                         - NDIS 6.0


When I run the NetIO Throughput Analyzer app, could see 98 to 100% data loss at the Device receiving path. Logs shows that receive FIFO overrun is happening. As per i.MX6DQ Errata it was told that performance of 1 Gbps ENET is limited to 470 Mbps & If the TX and RX peak data rate is higher than 400 Mbps, there is a risk of ENET RX FIFO overrun and to prevent overrun of the ENET RX FIFO, enable pause frame.


Please let me know any fix or workaround has been identified for the issue specified.