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queries related to using Code warrior with power PC platform

Question asked by Arun k on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by lunminliang

Hi Sir ,


Please help me .

Following are the scenarios with query indicated in red.


  1. In the current kernel which we are using, we need to update the kernel configuration "Include CodeWarrior kernel debugging". This needs to be updated under Kernel Hacking as below.

Under 'Kernel hacking' -> "Include CodeWarrior kernel debugging"

We need kernel patch for enabling the same for vanilla Linux kernel version 3.12.19.

  1. To create a CodeWarrior project the steps are:

        - Start the CodeWarrior IDE from the Windows system.

- Select File > Import. The Import wizard appears.

- From the CodeWarrior container, select "Power Architecture ELF Executable"

- etc.


The option "Power Architecture ELF Executable" is missing, how to enable this?


  1. In Configuring a Download Kernel Debug Scenario

           For a download scenario, CodeWarrior:

           - resets the target

           - runs the initialization file

           - etc.

           what is initialization file being refered here?

  1. In section ( Debugging the Kernel Using CodeWarrior to Download the Kernel, Ramdisk, and Device Tree: For the below step
  2. i. Click the File System button and select the target initialization file from this path:




I) What is this <target>_uboot_init_Linux.tcl? Is it board specific?

II) There is a file in the current installation as below. Can this be used for any custom board? opt/Freescale/CodeWarrior_PA_10.4.0/PA/PA_Support/Initialization_Files/QorIQ_T1/T1042RDB_uboot_init_Linux.tcl


  1. Debugging the Kernel Without Running U-Boot:

For step (j)

j) Click the File System button and select the target in itialization file from this path:




I) What is this <target>_init_Linux.cfg? this file is not found for the current installation. How to get/implement for our custom board?


II) What is <target> _Linux.mem? I can find some *.mem files as below:




Can this be used for our custom board?