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Nitrogen 6X - can not get cameras operational.

Question asked by Cristian Pandele on Nov 25, 2015
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I received my Bounday Devices Nitrogen 6X board yesterday, together with the two OV5640 cameras (the parallel and MIPI versions).


I have since tried the bundled Yocto version, the Yocto Fido release and now I am on the 2015 release of Ubuntu Trusty, and under none of the versions have I managed to run the simplest gstreamer command taking input video from the cameras. The only improvement under Ubuntu is that HDMI finally works, but that is a secondary issue,


So, back to the cameras. With only the MIPI camera plugged in, this is what I run right after boot:


modprobe ov5640_camera_mipi

modprobe mxc_v4l2_capture

(the drivers do show up properly in lsmod afterwards)


sudo gst-launch imxv4l2src ! imxv4l2sink 

MFW_GST_V4LSRC_PLUGIN 4.0.2 build on Jun  1 2015 05:36:19.mxc_v4l_open: Mxc C

amera no sensor ipu0/csi0


mxc_v4l_open: Mxc Camera no sensor ipu0/csi1

mxc_v4l_open: Mxc Camera no sensor ipu0/csi0

MFW_GST_V4LSINK_PLUGIN 4.0.2 build on Jun  1 2015 05:35:56mxc_v4l_open: Mxc C

amera no sensor ipu0/csi0


Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...

ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.

Setting pipeline to NULL ...

Total rendered:0

Freeing pipeline ...

[--->FINALIZE v4l_sink


However, the MIPI camera seems to be detected at boot:


dmesg | grep ov56          
ov5640_read_reg:write reg error:reg=300a                                  
camera ov5640 is not found                                                
ov5640_mipi 1-003e: found pwm2, period=45                                 
mxc_v4l2_master_attach: ipu1:/csi0 mipi attached ov5640_mipi:mxc_v4l2_cap1
camera ov5640_mipi is found                                               
update_device_addr: ov5642 ret=-5                                         
ov5642_read_reg:write reg error:reg=300a                                  

camera ov5642 is not found 



Could anyone advise me on what next to take? I have tried following similar threads in the past day and a half, but none of the suggestions applied to my case. Please let me know what extra info I can post.


Thank you very much in advance!