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KW01 ADC Trigger Problem

Question asked by Dorian Hildebrandt on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Dorian Hildebrandt

Hello guys

i have a Problem getting the ADC to work on a MKW01Z.

My previous processor was the MKL15Z, and it was working great there.


I'm using KDS 3 with Processor expert, but without KSDK.

The idea is to read the analog Inputs while processor is sleeping.

So, i have a ADC_LDD with DMA enabled.

The Trigger Input is TPM1_Overflow. So it pulses every ms, and i get exactly 1000 samples in a second.

On the MKL15Z its working great.


But on the MKW01Z i cannot use a timer-Trigger (it doesnt matter if dma is enabled or disabled).

In the Trigger type source, if i select TPM0_Overflow it shows me that its unsoported (see attached picture).

The same for all the other timer-Triggers. Only the cmp0_output seems to work.

Does anybody know why i cant use a timer-Trigger on my MKW01Z, and some workaround?


Best regards