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TI Wl1837 support with imx6 3.10.17 kernel

Question asked by Ganesan K on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Wigros Sun



We were using TiWi5 (wilink6) WLAN chipset from LSR with IMX6 dual core processor. The Yocto kernel version is 3.10.17. I didn't have to build outside the kernel tree as instructed by TI. It worked straightway with device tree changes for WLAN interface.


We are trying to use WL1837 (Wilink8 module). I assume that I don't need any additional patches for WL1837. Everything seems to be fine, SDIO communication is happening WL_IRQ is okay, able to disable/enable WL_EN but no access points could be scanned. The output of "iw wlan0 scan" is always empty.


Has anyone in the community got it working with 3.10.17 kernel? Are there any more patches



Ganesan. K